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Add me!


My names Aubrey Pond! I'm almost 21, I'm a junior in college trying to get my degree in psychology and performing arts studies!

I decided to join Livejournal because my friend Cricket said it might help me to blog about my feelings and such . So I decided to try it out , so here I am!!

More about me:

I'm a vegan! (Hense my username) I'm a vegan for ethical, health and environmental reasons

I'm also a stoner , I advocate for marijuana to be legal both recreationally and medically. I believe it can help many people, it's helped me

I love animals (I guess thats obvious?)

I'm a pretty awkward and anxious human being, but I'm super nice I swear!

I also love music. I'm not picky I love all kinds , except maybe screamo and country music. My favorite band is the Beatles

I'm a pretty open minded person, I'm down to talk about just about anything.

I'm not sure what else to write, but there's a lot more to me I swear. Just add me to find out more I guess lol

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