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cowfish in add_me

Hello, I've had this account since 2002 and I need some new people around. My journal probably won't be for everyone. I have been sober from heroin since 2015 and I write a lot about old stories related to that, so you should be cool with reading about drugs and other illegal activities. I am 30 years old from Houston, TX but am currently living in Northern California with my boyfriend and our 7 month old baby Penélope.


Penelope is such a cute name! I'm a 34 year old mom in Dallas and married. Friends? Congrats for being sober two years!
Thank you! All my family lives in Fort Worth and I lived in Plano a few years in my early 20s. Friends for sure!
Sounds like a journal for me :D
35/ F Australia study biomedical science

annnnnnnd have some history with sobriety too *fistbump

Yes, thank you!
It sounds like we have a few things in common: location (native Texan in CA), sobriety (since 2013), and young children (I have an 18 mo old).

Just added :)
added :)

i am old enough (lol) live in south Florida and I am a dietitian.
I love reading about people's honest experiences through the difficulties of life. Anyway, add me back! Love to get to know you. :)
Congrats on being sober. I am loo king for friends too. I have a boyfriend and daughter and I live in Nevada. I'm adding you.
First of I don't judge people so I'm cool if you want to be friends.I have had a complicated and bad life in my earlier years .If you read my profile and my first few posts since being back 5 days you will have some idea about me.But lots more I havent touched on yet,I would like to be friends and will add you back if you want me too.

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