mike297 (mike297) wrote in add_me,

Wanting freinds

Hi my name is Mike i have decided to come back to LJ after about 5 years as LJ seems to be picking up again.Also because now I can be more open and talk about things I couldn't last time.I have been back a few weeks now and post daily and like to comment on my friends .Most of my journals are friend locked but some are not .If you read my profile you will get more idea about me.I plan to post some pics pretty soon too. So if you want a friend then add me and I will add back . Some of my interests are :films.horror. music.rock. working out . mp3s.blogs.sport.texts.mail.chat. Singers: bryan adams. bonnie tyler.cher. dido. jennifer rush. beatles. songs: life for rent. this land is mine. white flag. working class hero.

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