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One night I got an email that this journal was about to be purged. Like holy crap this was from 2016!! Glad I got back in. I have another journal/blog on here

dixonvixen but I have been wanting to change names but not shell out the $15 to do so. Alas here I am again.

Currently I am a basket case who is studying for her Texas real estate exam on Thursday. I am not good when it comes to test.

I'm also the mom to an autistic child. He started school in October and it has helped so freaking much. Plus I adore his teacher and teacher's aide.

I'm happily married for four years and been together 11 years this year.

Things I like:

WiiU - specifically Yoshi's Wooly World
Bruce Campbell (that dashing man in the pic with me *swoon*
Horror movies
Conspiracy theories
Cooking up creations in my kitchen
Taking photos of random shit I like.

I used to use Instagram religiously but I miss connecting on a deeper level with people.

So looking for new friends :D Feel free to add me and tell me a bit about yourself.

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