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Add Me?

I'd like to have some LJ friends. I'm a writer. I write articles for a living, but I like to journal and blog just for the pure pleasure of it. 

I write every day. I mostly write about my personal life on the LJ. I'm a storyteller who has an odd sense of humor and a passion for writing. Sometimes I'm a little bit over zealous I think, but if you like reading lots of posts, then you'll like my LJ page. I'm always telling a story and trying to add some spice to my wildly ordinary life. 

Let's see. What else? I'm a nerd and a varied artist who loves music a lot. I'm also into sports and auto repairs. 

I'm a girl. 

I wouldn't call myself a religious person, but I do have faith, and you will see references to the Heavenly Father. If that bothers you, then you probably won't want to be my friend.  

I don't really know what else to say. You'll really have to check out my LJ to see if you can jive with my style and personality. If you add me, I will, of course, add you. I'm not very picky about blog/journal friends. You'd have be really bad for me to not want you to be my LJ friend. Really bad.


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