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Hi there. I've been on LJ under various names since... like 2003, I think. I still keep a journal here of random ongoings of life, etc. but lately I've been missing the commraderie of old LJ. I miss active communities and real friends that did more than just scroll through pictures. (I love Tumblr, but it was the downfall for LJ, I think.)

I am... 35, unmarried but dating someone, I have pets - 3 cats, 2 dogs and I work full time. I'm into kawaii things, fairy kei style, any and all animals, age regression and self growth. Most of my posts are just updates on what's happening and lately there's been a lot detailing the loveliness of my relationship (it's still new ^__^).

Feel free to add away! I don't post anything too personal and if I do, it's private. :) 

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