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looking for... my flock?

cue the thinking emoji.

Hello all! Having made a new LJ after years of desertion, I'd love to make some friends so we can be so supportive and kind to one another we'll make rainbows pale in comparison.

about me:  I am a 28yo female from France, currently unemployed but soon to undergo training to become a full-fledged career adviser. The turntables...! At the moment I live between my mum's home, along with my sister and our very aggressive cat, and my friends' couches for pyjama parties I could only dream of when I was a teenager. Friendship is the most important thing to me, and I'm really lucky to have found people who feel the same.  On a sappy, tiniest-violin note, they helped me through very hard times and today I can say the desperation I went through turned into twice the bliss. I'm still not in my best shape but I can travel far enough to meet up with them and go out, so I'll take it all with a curtsy and a thank you. Oh, and also, I write. Not as fast as I'd like, but at least that means I have enough book ideas to last me a decade or two!

what i like: basic introvert stuff, I'm sorry this is going to be sooo unoriginal. I love listening to music and making playlists for pretty much anything. Some of my favourite artists include Marina and the Diamonds, Rilo Kiley, The Oral Cigarettes, Anaïs Mitchell, Radwimps... Let's say I'll listen to pretty much anything with good lyrics, or that isn't some bland radio pop. I can spend a lot of time on video games: Final Fantasy IX was the first game I ever completed, and I've been obsessed with Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn. NG+ are a true passion, kids, follow your dreams! I also and quite logically love books (His Dark Materials is my early teenage years series and I love it to bits, and my favourite author is Joanne Harris) and tv series/films. Shoutout to Sense8, everything Makoto Shinkai has ever done, Pushing Daisies, and stuff that's a bit scary but not too much because I'm a wuss. I love a good story no matter its format. Quick @ to DC Comics, if I had money they could take it all, and my formative manga like Loveless, Kateyo Hitman Reborn!, and Ebine Yamaji's bibliography.
Some of my less broad strokes likes include looking for random kanji in my old-school dictionary but never remembering them, starting a drawing/painting I'll never finish because "it looks good right now, better leave it at that before I botch it", and giving myself headaches wondering why the universe — or anything — even exists at all.

what i'll blog about: technically? Mostly writing and how much or little I'm progressing on my stories. There will most likely be some life updates here and there, because I don't think I'll manage to keep a writing-only blog. Occasional declarations of love to my cat or fictional characters to be expected.

what i'm looking for and hopefully will find, just to spite U2: somebody who likes to chat about all sorts of things, similar interests are always a plus of course; engaging in deep conversations could be our favourite sport, or maybe geeking out and hardly using any real words, who knows?  Most importantly, I'd like someone who is open-minded and can appreciate differing points of view. It sounds like a given, but better safe than sorry and all that. I'll do my best to comment whenever I have something useful/interesting to say, and as long as we have a few topics we can exchange about, I'll stick around.

So hit me up, buttercup! And if you're shy, obviously I can keep the conversation going for two until you feel more at ease! ♥


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