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I'm Nicole and just like you I'm seeking new LJ friends. Well, not new...just MORE. Let me warn you: I'm terrible at keeping up with LJ. I'll post constantly for months and then I get busy and I'll disappear for a while..but I always return. In saying that, I don't delete people whom are super inactive on here. I'm just at a point in life where I'd love to meet some new people. <3

So here's a few things about me:

*I'm 35. I'll be 36 in December. (Wooo!)

*I have a 2 year old Daughter that was conceived via IVF.

*I'm in the midst of a divorce but it's not going fairly well

*I repair teeth for a living aka I'm a Dental Assistant :o)

* I have 3 cats, but I don't talk about them that often

*I'm finding myself all over again in my new post marriage world

* I LOVE music. It's kind of my thing.

My LJ posts right now are mostly about finding myself. I'm a sarcastic smartass with anxiety/depression (it comes and goes)...but I can also be very positive and kind. Soooo.....let's be friends?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention.. I LOVE Snapchat filters! 

Dis me.

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