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malefantasy in add_me


Hello all!  My name is Jenn.  I'm 37 and living with my mother and grandmother in the US.  Three generations under one roof.  Imagine that.

Ok, so, if you're familiar with Halsey, you'll see what my header looks like and that her lyrics are on there.  I'm i'm madly love with her, and I promised myself I will see her live someday.

A bit about me:
-I live with a mental illness, which I don't talk about on here too much unless it's a really hard day, etc. (if you want to know specifics, just ask).
-I'm biromantic demisexual
-I'm a random fandom girl, with my ultimate being Supernatural, but also oldies but goodies, BtVS, Merlin, HP, LOTR...
-I'm a cat mom to two wonderufl kitties.
I have tattoos and piercings (unfortunately, I had to take my tounge piercing out bc it was chipping my teeth off)... and I love them on others as well.
-I love manga and anime
-I art, write, and draw same-sex stories for fests or just to write.


TV: Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, 13 Reasons Why, Merlin, LOST

Movies:  The Boondock Saints, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, Fixfire, Heathers, Pump up the Volume, Empire Records, Girl, Interupted, SLC punk, Spun

Books:  Dune, American Gods, LOTR, HP, Snow Crash, Wicked, World War Z, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, Anee Rice's Vampire Chronickes

What I post about:

Mainly about life... whatever I feel like writing, I'm also a fandom girl and do art for a bunch of fests each year.  I do talk about my menta illness at times... when things get bad, but overall, I like to keep my journal upbeat.  I've met amazing friends through LJ, and I love them all.

My Journal is F-locked, but if you comment here or send a message, I can add you :)  The ony public entries on here for the fests I work on.

I have a ton of SPN friends on my FList, and I'm always going to be fangirling with you if you love it too.  I'm also looking for people to share experiences of mental illness and what we all deal with. 


I love SPN!

i would like to add you :)

Yes! I added you! And Slytherin to boot!
would love to add you!
Hello! Yes! I will add you back :)
I'm sure it's a google search away, but I'd like to hear it from you, what is "biromantic demisexual"

Oh and also hello, added you back as a friend. I'll try and keep up on reading what you write.
S'okay! Being demisexual is in part related to asexuality, but it's kinda the "in-between." Basically, I don't really have sexual attraction to people unless I've gotten to know them and have a deep, emotional, grounded relationship with them. It's like their personalities and who they are are more important than sex. Sorta. Kinda hard to explain.

Biromantic is that I love all genders.


And I've added you :)

I'd like to add you!


Supernatural!!! YESSSSSS

Adding you :)

added you back!
Let's do it!
Alright! Added you! (and I didn't run away shrieking about you being a Republican LOL)
HI! Would love to have you on my friends list! :)
Hello! I'll gladly add you... and you can add me back!
If you like Anne Rice books you may also like Laurel k Hamilton's Anita Blake series.
I would love to get to know you! May I add you?
sure! I'll add you too!
Hello! Your age and mental illness drew me to comment!

I'm 38 and also have some mental stuff...

If you'd like to try it out, lemme know!
oh wow... I'm quite literally embarrassed because I just commented on you post in add_me and said something about being friends *smacks self in head*

Gonna add you!!!


hey! added :)

Re: hiya

added back!!!
I'm just getting back to LJ. I'm a big BtVS and Angel fan. I occasionally write in my journal, but mostly I love to read and comment on my friends journals. I added you as a friend.
Added you back! :)
I added you on my new account!
added you back!

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