alisongrose wrote in add_me

friends to love and share joy with :D

Hey ! im ali, Im from 21 living in sunny california where I go thru the daily struggles of being a college student , balancing my work and home life, and my relationship and friends. Im relatively still new to LJ, i was absent for a while but i see alot of potential and growth i can experience just writing and connecting with people like me. I recently did some world traveling and i hope to post those pictures ehre soon too! I wanna meet cool people im interested in whats going on in your life and i want to see different perspectives and narratives out there. I want to ideally make friends with other people who like to share the events that go on in their life and i am trying to make it a habit to post more, and post more pictures of my friends , my daily adventures, and my cats and dog! :) 

Even if you need an ear or someone just to chat with hmu! 


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