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Hello there!

 Hi, my name is Ashley,aka Azaelia! I am a mom of three monsters and currently going through a divorce and child custody. I do have an amazing boyfriend. Two dogs, named Thanos and Seraphina. I just got hired as operations manager at JcPenny. I am a Christian, at least trying to be. Suffer from anxiety and depression, based on insecurities.

Likes: Movies( Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Avengers and etc.!), Music(nearly anything and everything!) Writing(poetry, short stories and snail mail),reading(same as movies)talking, just getting into cosplay, tae kwon do, running, coffee,pizza, fall...the list could go on!

Dislikes: Hotdogs just gag me with a spoon. Politics, lies, not a whole lot annoys me.

Anyhow, I am a complete random person. I like people and am not a judgy person. This world is too full of hate!

If you wanna be friends add me!


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