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Hello again!

So, I've been having quite a few people delete and stuff. I thought it was time to make a new add me entry. :3

Name: Kimi
Age: 30
About Me: I'm a kid at heart, and I also happen to be a huge fangirl. I also guard my heroes with my life. Those heroes happen to be Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Kelly and Clayne Crawford. I also have a very mild form of autism, along with severe anxiety and ADHD. I also love Criminal Minds. I like Lethal Weapon, but only seasons 1 & 2 with Clayne Crawford. I'm also a big Red Sox fan. I was born and raised in Maine until my very early teens, then we moved to Arizona for the better climate.
About my journal: I'm usually pretty random, and some of my posts don't have much content to them. It mostly depends on my mood as well. I like to post about my mental health, my writing, rants... and even fangirl moments.
What I don't like: Politics, random adders, religion (I don't hate it... I just could careless about it is all).

I don't mind who wants to be my friend. I accept all walks of life. I'm a very tolerant person who tries to love everyone for who they are. :3

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