Rochelle (vanishing_act18) wrote in add_me,

Hi there!

Hello! I am probably a LJ veteran in some ways, though I haven't been active here for years despite multiple failed attempts. I want to so badly get back into blogging but I find it pretty hard because all of my friends from back in the day have moved on and it's a ghost town. So here I am!

Name: Rochelle
Age: 27 in a month
Location: Sydney, AU. Born and bred :)
About me: I'm a massive tennis fan. Or, more speficially, a Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal fan and they tend to consume a lot of my thoughts. Right now I work in retail and honestly don't really know what I want to do with my life, though I'm not really sweating that. I want to travel, I don't want kids, and I love the single life. My other interests are music (tennis and bands are basically the only two things I'm able to travel for because I'm not made of money), Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and true crime. I'm obsessed with My Favorite Murder but there are quite a few other podcasts I dig, too, all focusing on either true crime or sex work.
Bisexual, atheist, and really just want nothing to do with anyone who supports Trump or any of his ideologies. Other than that, free for all! Oh, provided you're over 18 please!

Because I'm coming back to this after a long absence, some (or possibly all) information that's publicly available on my journal is way outdated. I'm going to work at trying to properly revamp this thing and actually use it again! Blogging was my bread and butter for such a long time, and I honestly hate that I fell off the wagon for so long.

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