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This is basically my intro post at my LJ, but it works.

The name is Leslie. I'm a 30-something-ish wannabe blogger from California, currently living in the sunny state of Florida. I am a wife, a mom, an assistant manager of a store & a pretty big nerd. I am currently obsessed with Disney (passholder here!), Halloween Horror Nights, theater, running, sleeping, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, sushi & the pescatarian life. (That means I only eat fish for meat, though I'll splurge on a steak occasionally...)  I call myself a new-agey, hippie-like, pastel gothy, liberal/left Christian who has a hard time fitting in places. I do paranormal investigation, sing in choir, do plays/musicals, train for my first 5k (at DISNEY!) & generally try to make money to help my family survive & be able to do fun things. I am body positive, I've lost 40lbs, I take natural stuff to help with chronic pain & I am really into pastel pink, rose gold & that pretty light mint. I basically live on Diet Coke which is bad. I am kind of a lonely person, have maybe 3 really good friends & that's okay.

I'm currently under construction..


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