кяιѕту (kristy) wrote in add_me,

• Seeking New Friends •

Hi y'all. My name is Kristy & I'm nearing the ripe young age of 46. 😁 I'm owned by 2 cats, whom are my world & my much needed emotional support especially as of late. I'm quite the extrovert though recently I've become a much more private person both IRL & online. I'm a survivor of severe domestic violence that occurred to me from my ex boyfriend from 2008-2012 & as a result, I live with the full blown effects of PTSD, which I'm learning my hardest to live each day with. I write about things I'm using as coping skills & what I learn from my trauma/abuse therapist. I do write, in vagueness, about my day to day life. But I love posting cat related things & various quotes, when appropriate. And, one thing too, I'm now EMBRACING the single life & ain't ever gonna date or be in a LTR with a guy, EVER AGAIN! I'm enjoying the happiness of a single lady who enjoys the company of CATS! 🐱

Some of my interests include The Game of Thrones TV show & old skool TV shows such as The Golden Girls & my newest complete DVD series of Fraggle Rock! I also love true crime shows & for therapy purpose, I like watching old skool cartoons! Hehe...My genres in music is mostly classic/70s/80s rock & a bit o country.

Please be at least 18+ & interactions are a plus, too! 😄

Lastly: Dealbreakers....I'll not add ANYONE who constantly changes journal accounts/names in a short span of time. And, I'll not add ANYONE with a new account that's been created within the last few days of my posting this. Thank you.

Look forward to making your acquaintance! 🙂🙃🙂

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