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moonmagicmama in add_me

Looking for friends!

I'm coming back from a two year hiatus with a new journal, and I'd love to find some cool friends!

Before I go on with the general about me, READ THIS FIRST.

Hi. I'm Sam. I'll be 28 in two weeks. I'm a mom to a 2 year old. My daughter is my biggest blessing in my life, and I'll talk about her often.
- I'm pagan & I talk about my practice a lot.
Sometimes that freaks people out, so if that would bother you, we won't be a good fit for each other.
- I love to read, read tarot cards, cook, garden, make beauty/ home products, fool around on Pinterest, DIY, craft, bake sweets, World of Warcraft, binge watch stuff on Hulu & Netflix, and spend time with my family.
- I listen to everything from KoRn to Florence & the Machine, to Notorious BIG to Daft Punk.
- Some of my favorite shows are Bob's Burgers, The Office, Friends, Homicide Hunter, Forensic Files, Ghost Adventures, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

I'll do picture posts from time to time, and bitch about my boyfriend and my kid when she's being sassy and rebellious. My journal is a place where I can meditate on things that are bothering me, or write out goals I want to accomplish, and sometimes it could be just random little anecdotes of my life. Either way, it is mine and I run it the way I want, and I say whatever I feel like. And if at any time you don't like that, delete me and I'll do the same with no hard feelings. There's no need for you to message me saying why you don't like me / why you're deleting me, because it will be a waste of your time and I won't care.

With all that being said, I am actually really nice and I will shower you with positivity and loving comments when I have something to say, and root for you silently when I don't have anything to say. I would love to meet friends who would like a real friendship. I'm looking forward to meet you new friend! ♥ Sam


Hi! You probably don't remember me but we were friends on my previous journal queen_cupcakes. Welcome back to LJ! I also read tarot and am learning about paganism.
That's so awesome!!!! I was sure all of my old friends were long gone. Adding you love <3
Adding you too! Yes a lot of folks sadly left LJ :(

Also a mom to a 2 year old girl. I'm already 28. I know nothing about Paganism, but I have nothing against it, either. Add?

sure thing <3


Would like to add you if that's ok? I'm nice I swear.. :3

Re: Hello!

added <3
Hi! I'm also a Pagan, practising for 16 years, although I will admit I don't journal about it much I do love chatting about it. I'm 30, an illustrator and interested in crafts and DIY and feel like we share a few other interests. Mind if I add? :)
Awesome! Yes, of course! Adding you now :)
Hey! I'm haley. I think we could be good friends. add?
Added <3
Hello! I would love to be friends. I've recently come back to LiveJournal after a few months, but I've been on the platform for almost 10 years. Some things about me:

- Male
- 29 years old
- Soon to be engaged
- Fan of Greek Mythology, history, martial arts, working out, etc.
- Trying to get my life together

I'd like to be friends with you, if possible! What do you say?
Absolutely! Adding right now <3
I used to be obsessed with anime as a teenager. Now it just bores me :/ If I do get back into watching anime, it would primary not what I post about.

That's very cool your a witch, I wish I had a mentor of sort near me to explore and learn from.

I have been away from LJ off and on but I'm here to stay. I post about daily life, adventures, and can be pretty photo heavy.

I like your taste in music and I'm obsessed Forensic Files and similar shows.

I may not comment always but I do read all my friends entries.

You sound awesome and someone I think I can def click with :D
I was obsessed with Full Metal Alchemist and a few others, and I still watch them occasionally..I just can't stand reading journals where they go on and on about so and so and whatever lol.

I'm completely self taught. I started out with Wicca and practiced that for a while but I kinda vibed out from it and started learning from other religions and kind of just started doing my own thing. For the most part, I practice hoodoo like my greats did. If you ever have any questions, don't be shy. I love learning and teaching <3

I'm the same way with commenting! I'm adding you right now sis.

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