precious (whysosadbunny) wrote in add_me,

I love my fandoms, but I talk about my life

Hello all!  I decided to post here right now since I just changed my journal's name after THIRTEEN years of having the same name.  Yikes.  For all who are reading, this used to be be_my_precious, so no need to duplicate our love for each other.  lol.

Anyway, like my subject line says, I love my fandoms, but I talk about my life.  If you were to look at my profile you would definitely find out who I am, and then you'd be plunged so far down into fandom you'd be suffocating.  Now, I'm not changing that about my profile, because I will ALWAYS love fandom friends, but every single one of my fandom fans is a good friend on a personal level too.  Therefore, I talk about real life.

I'm in my 30s, single, with two cats.  That doesn't mean if you have kids we won't have anything to talk about because you're a woman first, right?  And I'm not a single entity... i got youngins' around me.  lol.  And I'm a dog lover too, so don't let that get to ya.

I also have a mental illness, and while I like to keep that off to the wordpress for the MOST part, mental illness is a part of my life and if I'm having a day affected by it, I'm not gonna shy away.  All that means is that the journal won't be all sunshines and rainbows all the time.  I connect on a deep level with people who live with or around mental illness.

I tend to write about my daily life, though, and the only fandom stuff that is usually on the journal are possibly episode reactions, any art I do for fests, or if I write a fic.  All very skippable and if you took it out of my journal you'd still be left with a nice, coherant collection of thoughts and memories.

I sometimes write a tiny bit long, but not so much that you're suffering.  And I tend not to read really long entries (unless it's one from a very good established friend), so if you write a book, you might not get too much response from me.

So go on my profile and I'm all pretty much there.  Try not to fall too far down into the fandoms... unless you want to.

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