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New journey

Hey, guys! I'm a 34 y/o woman, cat person, Scorpio, geek, currently living in the US!

This is my first attempt here in LJ, since I just feel the need to have somewhere to write and bring some of my creative side into action... And also some outlet to everything is going on right now in this mind of mine.

Having majored in Psychology, my background has been HR for most of my adult life, having worked in great companies and having an Olympic Game under the belt, but since I've moved here, I'm currently working in retail.

All of this to say, that none of this two paths is actually what I want for me in my life and now I find myself having the guts to really start investing in what I think is my calling and my vocation... The possibility to help others was what encouraged me to study Psychology and my love for the occult is what brought me to Astrology, tarot cards and crystals!

My plan is to try and put all of the turmoils created by this change in life into words, telling a bit about my journey, my new learnings and thoughts on this new adventure and maybe this will help me to leave the fear behind and just dive into this new reality and give it a try to become who I really am meant to be.


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