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Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone,I'm Harry,I'm new here, First time using LJ actually (My Friend introduced me to it) I don't really do social media (Just this and Whatsapp) I'm 42, I'm a stock broker and financial consultant (Straight out of WallSt) well I'm a freelance forex broker now(Trying to run my own show), When I'm not working i love to swim, travel, hike, sky dive, listen to country music and drive, I'm a Digital nomad and i do all my work remotely(so i have time for my adventures) i also get to travel a lot and i love to meet new people (Online and offline), I'm single and open to anyone that's inspiring, i love the magical ones😍😍 and the loving ones too, I've had my heart tossed around and played with a couple of times in the past, so I'm a bit restrained and reserved(please bear with me) I'm open-minded and jovial but I'm still a bit of an introvert(curled up in my shell sometimes) I'm looking forward to meeting great people here in search of friendships and relationships (whichever I'm blessed with) so just message me or drop a comment if you feel the need to (let's get talking😉☺)

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