Bier de Stone ( wrote in add_me,
Bier de Stone

Seeking more writer friends

Hi there ljer's: I'm a cartoonist, calligrapher, writer, screenwriter seeking out all lit oriented creative types to add me because
  1. I'm lonely
  2. I'm nice
  3. I don't have kooties
  4. I'm respectful
I usually write my blog posts in script format. By that I don't mean coding. Although familiar with html, I prefer to use my typewriter because My tab button takes my virtual cursor to where I want to start typing and that beats using tags like <center>, <blockquote> and <tt> whenever I want to hack out a scene or a sequence for my blog. Plus, my typewriter smells better than my laptop. I have a portable manual typewriter which, if I felt so inclined as to travel with it, instills in me a sense of being like Hunter S. Thompson. It's easier to be a packrat with stacks of papers containing prose, anecdotes, short stories, etc. lying around than losing my files because cyberspace I live in a cluttered mess. I can't even clear off my drafting table of junk so that I may doodle a funny caricature of the prez, or a comic strip panel. And I love cartoons. Cartooning was my main interest before veering off in the path of screenwriting. So click this link to add me because I'm all about screenwriting, whether it's for a TV series, a movie, a play, a commercial or even just a computer screen. I'm game. Tis something I can do on my manual typewriter (with the funky qwerty board 'shift' settings) then that's the thing I wanna do.

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