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there & back again

So I'm not gonna lie--I don't post super frequently. I'll go in spurts mostly dictated by nostalgia.

Like many of you, I grew up with Livejournal, and I've never been able to find an online community like this once was. I'd like to populate my friends list with people who are interested in community like that--a little melodrama, a little whimsy, but a lot of heart, a lot of good words strung together.

I'm not into fandom--not TV, not sports. I enjoy those things from time to time but not enough to write about them, unless they touch on something personal I want to process. 

I like books, I like writing, I like contemplating life, the universe, and everything, and sifting through my own feelings to learn more about myself.

I'm 27, a therapist, and getting married in a few short weeks.

I don't need people who post a lot--just people who like to connect, and who might get me thinking.

Comment if interested.


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