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a lot has changed

Wow, Hello there. Not new to LJ, I believe the last account I had I was a TEEN! Super nostalgic! I am trying to stay active with writing now a days, so I've decided to start this up again.

About me:

31, Female from NYC. I like to bake, travel, hike, write, read, paint. I am Huge music lover. Currently watching: handmaid tales. All the other shows I like have finished or ended for the season. *shrugs* (Please feel free to comment any good shows you think are worthy to watch!) I am a xbox girl, who adores her video games. I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder over a decade ago, which makes it hard for people to understand me. Many times when my anxiety flares up I become a hermit and can disconnect with people without warning. I am Hoping to socialize with people who can relate. I post random things on my blog, whatever comes to my mind. Stories from a past time, poems, my journey. Whatever I feel at the moment I write. <3


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