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Hi there~

Hi there~
I'm looking to make some new friends who share similar interests and enjoy writing about their lives like I do.
I posted here back in 2013/2016/2017/2018 and made some close friends since then and would like to meet more. :)
About me
※ I don't use my real name online, I use the name miyabi and my friends call me miya online.
※ I'm 34 years old(20+ at heart!), from Singapore.
※ I work as a game planner/project coordinator for a Japanese game company. I was previously on secondment for 2 years to the HQ in Yokohama, but am now back in Singapore for good.
Prior to that I also lived in Kobe for a year as a JET ALT, and Hokkaido for a year as an exchange student.
※ I'm in a semi-long-distance relationship with my husband. He is a merchant navy officer. He is regularly away for 2-4 months, returns home for 1-4months before going off sailing again. We got married last year and are now in the midst of buying/setting up our new home.
※ I'm ethnically Chinese and majored in Japanese Studies in University. I speak English, Chinese and Japanese. Some of my entries have some Japanese/Chinese/Singlish in it, and I occasionally write in Japanese/Chinese, but most of my entries (90%) are in English.
My interests
※ Travelling
※ Blogging
※ Snowboarding
※ Language, interpretation and translation
※ Exploring new cultures
※ Online gaming
※ Anime, manga and Jpop, though I spend less time on them now
※ Food! I'm a huge foodie and post lots of photos of food XD
What I post
※ My life in Singapore
※ My travels
※ My interests
※ My relationship with my husband and our home
※ My family and pet
※ About Singapore
※ About Japan
※ Anything else random :)
I'm looking for open-minded, positive people who enjoy writing and reading entries. You don't have to comment on every entry. I don't do that either.
I post about once every other week. My entries are generally long, full of photos. My LiveJournal is semi friends-only, so pop by and if you think we can be friends, drop me a comment or add me. ^_^

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