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Elasticity: flexibility; resilience; adaptability.

This  journal was created on September 23, 2019 although I have been an LJ  member since 17 years. I created a new journal because sadly many LJ  users have jumped ship leaving my friends page a ghost town. As I get  older, I am realizing I am much happier with a smaller and closer-knit  group of friends on and offline. I prefer to have LJ friends who are  active and 27+. This is my safe place, many of the LJ friends I've had  have become in real life friends that I've had for over a decade.

Since I'll be adding new people here's some facts about me:

My  name is Stephanie. I'm 31 years and have been living in Los Angeles for  8 years. I live with my two roommates and 2 cats. I plan to move  somewhere in Florida September 2020. I work as a hostess at a lounge.  I'm currently in grad school for Mental Health Counseling and just  finished my first year. I've been single for many years although I am  pretty attached to a guy I've never met in person but have talked to for  3.5 years that plans on moving near me soon. My family lives in  Florida, I have a mom & dad who are separated, and brother who  suffers from mental illness. I love to travel and take 1-2 international  trips a year.

Since July 2019 I have been trying to transition my life from the LA party girl who has no stability to a simpler life.  This includes paying off lots of debt I irresponsibly accrued, saving  money, making straight A's at school, quitting my job when I move next  year, getting rid of superficial friendships and repairing my  relationship with my parents, preparing myself to move again across the  country and become a counselor eventually. My job and LA lifestyle for  the past 7 years has been full of partying, celebrities, flings, a traumatic relationship and break up, insane  opportunities, and just a complete wild ride that sometimes feels like a  dream. I truly lived up my 20s and have little regrets. However, now I  do feel somewhat lost. I am ready for this new chapter of "Adulthood"  and just want to enjoy the simple things in life. I hope to start  settling down around 35.

I created this journal in hopes I could  also find 30-somethings or those who were also life-transitioning and  willing to share their journeys. Of course I am willing to add anyone  over the age of 27 that I vibe with. I am very honest in my journal and I  expect it to be a safe place, as I give others that same courtesy.  Social media gives me a lot of anxiety and LJ just has always been a  home for me to share my thoughts. I would like to start transitioning  away from social media and start being more active here.

Welcome new friends :)


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