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antisaint_judis in add_me

Want to be friends?

Hello all! My name is Nadia and I’m looking for some new friends on LJ. Like many, I’ve noticed it’s kind of a ghost town around my friends list. And while I’ve got a few good friends who are still active, I’m on the look-out for some new ones!

A little about me:
—I’m a cat mom of three (ages 8,3 and 2)
—I’m interested in anime, manga, reading, writing, video games, dungeons and dragons, board games and crime shows
—I also love fantasy and sci-fi stuff
—I’m a practicing witch
—I work in the mental health field while also battling my own mental health issues

I’m free spirited and pretty chill, but if you’re bigoted and hateful, I really don’t want you in my space. My blog is about my day to day life and I’m really looking for friends who are willing to respond to my posts. I don’t need it to be every post, of course, but I’d like some communication :) I try to respond to my friends’ posts, so I’m looking for the same.

If you think we’d get along, please let me know! Blessed be!


Hi Nadia : ) I think we'd get along quite well! I enjoy interacting regularly with my lj friends via comments to their posts and my own. : ) I'd love to add you! Blessed Be : )

Added you! :)

Nice to e-meet you! I'm into Wicca but don't practice outside of tarot reading. Im a cat and a human mom. Kitties are 9 and 4 (or 5 I can never remember) and human is 6. I also love sci-fi and I'm a campy horror movie fan. I deal with anxiety on a daily basis. I enjoy reading, true crime shows and crochet/knitting/loom knitting/machine knitting.

Sounds like we’ve got a lot in common. Adding you :)

Fellow cat mom! I'm very open-minded and into nerdy things. Respect your involvement in a challenging field and I have mental illness in the family, though not personally. Want to be friends?

Sure! Sounds like we’d get along. Adding you!

Hey, I think we'd get along. Will you add me?

Sure! Added :)

i really liked witches, i find their company is quite a gentle and comfortable vibe :)

Hi, we were LJ friends before and you took a break from LJ; I was wondering if you'd like to be friends again?

Yes! I remember you! I’d totally like to be friends again! Added :)

I'd like to be friends. I'm also looking to connect with people through LJ again. I'm 35 and work as a nurse. I write often and try to comnent on a regular basis.

Sounds like we’d get along. Added!

Nadia! Here is a blog from the past! I would love to re-connect! Will you add me? :)

It is Valerie... the Padagirl... remember me? I certainly hope so!

I remember you! Yes, we can definitely be friends! Added!

Woo! Thank you! I am adding you back! ♥
I like your description of yourself. I see that we have some of the same interests and think that we would be fun for each other in the comment section. I added you.

Would you mind being friends? I think we might get along well.

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