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Looking for some new friends

Hello, name is Frankie aka strumbella, mid 50s, am fairly down-to-earth type of person, a bit shy, female, childfree, married for over 30 years to a great guy, moved from Oshawa to the town of Port Hope 6 years ago, love music of all genres, used to be a real shutter bug (mainly point and shot digital photography)until I started having some mild issues with my eye sight, love doing jigsaw puzzles, reading books, am a bit of a guitar player and also a bit of a drummer.

My original LJ journal (2004 - 2016) was under the name nova_gurl. Most of my flist moved to other sites or stopped using LJ, so I decided a new beginning was in order for me too, hence why I started this account.

Seems everyone lives on FB, Instagram or Twitter. Don't get me wrong I do have a FB account and do log in daily, but the past year or two I'm finding it lacking.

Anyway, am on the look out for friends of all ages and backgrounds, so please do add me. My journal is mainly about day-to-day life. 


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