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jlynnaz30 in add_me


Salutations!!  Hope everyone is doing okay.  I am looking for new friends! I've been on LJ since my early 20's, and have had this current account until I was 30--- hence my user name.   Things are looking quiet around my "friends feed" and am longing to make some new friends.

About me:       *I am a 37 stay at home mom to 2 kids.  Ethan, who is going to be 5, and Diana, who turned 1 in May.  Before kids, I used to work in daycare, but gave up that thankless job and decided to stay home with my littles. Hubs and I have been together for 15 years and he works in the "cyber security division" for the state of AZ.  I tease him because there are things he actually can't talk about.      

* I am disabled with Cerebral Palsy.  Right side affected.  Essentially I have a "crooked foot" and "tired hand".  I have  my days, but I try not let it keep me down.

        * Netflix-aholic. I love such shows as "Charmed"(the original, damn it), "The West Wing", "Suits", "Blue Bloods" "Haven" "Bomb girls", the cw superhero shows(The Flash, Arrow and so forth), "Law and Orders"     

* Bookwhore--  I find books much friendlier than people, so I read a lot.  More than one book at a time and seem to buy books more than I can read.  Right now I'm reading the "Outlander" series( oh, and watching that on netflix, too), along with one of those silly "murder mystery" type novels( you know, the type that hallmark makes movies from)

Anyhow, I would love to meet new people!  Feel free to message/comment.

Rained yesterday!  Us Arizonans freak out when it's raining.  Its The Big News on all the local stations.


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who neverreads lives only one.” –George R.R. M


My I add you?
yes! LJ didn't let me know I had any messages!

Hehehe I added you... it rains here all the time, nobody comments on it!

Arizona is a "dry state". Storms of ANY kind are a big deal. That, and cooler weather. :)
I visited some friends in San Francisco several years ago when they got the first rain of the season. It rained for a full 15 minutes, and everybody was in awe. Then the friends insisted on loading me up with rain gear, which I thought was amusing. Fifteen minutes of rain equals you have to make sure to have rain gear with you!
It rains all the time here, and people still forget umbrellas and such. They're really unnecessary if you're used to it...
My hubs and I laughed because he took the umbrella I bought 3 YEARS ago and have only used once. I wouldn't mind the rain, I think. On the last "family vacation" we went up north and it poured the entire time we were there. It was glorious.
Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm a Netflix and book addict too. Would you like to be friends?
sure. <3
Fellow reader and Netflix binger here - adding you!
right on. Ditto.
Hey there :)

My name is Tina, I'm 31 and from Germany - I just got back from a hospital stay during which I was on hiatus for 3 months and now I am looking for some new people to add to revive my flist a bit :)

You seem like someone I would get along with well, as I am also a big book lover and I've enjoyed the "Outlander" series (though I haven't watched all of the show yet). Murder mysteries are awesome too :)

Want to try being friends? Feel free to take a look at my user info and let me know :)
Sure. <3 I hope everything is much better after the hospital stay!
Awesome! Sorry to reply back so late, I was visiting with my parents and didn't find the time. I am going to add you back now :)

And thanks, I am feeling a lot better :)
oh jeez! No worries!!
Hello! I'm a mom to 2 little ones as well (ages 1 and 3). Want to be friends?
sure! I betcha you have your hands full, too, like I do!
I live in AZ too!!!
I added you

Edited at 2019-10-05 03:13 am (UTC)
Hi, I'm also a stay at home mom, and I am also on Netflix a lot.

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