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• Seeking New Friends •

PSA: Please let me know you've added me as I don't always get notifications, thank you!

Howdy. Hoping to meet some nice, open minded friends who are supportive, funny, have a conscious & all around enjoys posts about my life, though I keep it vague, 1 can read between the lines. I'm going to start doing my pic of the week, again & weekly Affirmations. I'm a tad Spiritual but not Religious. You're more than welcome to skip over those posts, as I respect everyone's Religious beliefs.

A little about myself:

- I'm almost 47.
- Am blonde & do have some hilarious moments of such!
- I reside in Sin City. Been here almost a decade.
- I'm a cat lady. I love my 2 boys. I post pics of them, randomly.
- Am a survivor of domestic violence & do live with chronic PTSD. I rarely write about my feelings on this but when I do, it's behind a cut.
- Love photography, as a hobby. It's been a therapeutic method as of late though I've been a photographer buff since childhood.
- Very tech savvy. Who'd thought a blonde could be? Haha!
- Web designer. It's another passion of mine.
- Music tastes range from 70s/80s rock & country, more so, the older stuff. And, I've been learning & enjoying the western dances AKA line dancing! I've been dancing to rock music since I was a teen now it's learning country! I'm especially a George Strait fan!
- My favorite TV show of ALL time is the Golden Girls! Cheesecake!
- Thrift shopper. You can find some awesome things!
- Been on a weight loss journey since 2017 & the transformation is unreal. I'm still adjusting to how I look now compared to the last 2 years because I carried that excess weight for over 30 years but lost 95%, thus far, in about 2 years!

Feel free to read my profile & add me, if you'd like! Hope to make your acquaintance.


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