little_talks wrote in add_me

Hello there!

I’m an older than most female, who resides in the UK and is owned by three cats and a dog. 

I’m an introvert who stays inside her four walls far too much, so LJ is very much my go to for social interaction. I’ve made some cracking friends here over the fourteen years I have used this platform, but as of late, things have gotten a tiny bit too quiet for my liking so once again I’m back tentatively hoping for some new friends with whom I can interact with and vice-versa.

I have brain gremlins, namely BPD, depression and anxiety and I do post about my struggles from time to time. I also post about life in general, my daughter, my grandchildren (of which I have two), my fur babies and lately I have been trying to learn how to draw using an app on my iPad, so have been posting the results of this. 

If you would like to know more, please take a look at my profile x


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