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Add-it me!

NAME: Alan
AGE: 30
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Listening to music and gaming. These are my main interests. Everything else I try and then drop, but music will always be a part of me, and competitive gaming will continue to push me to reach my potential. I'm big into indie music, but I can like mainstream stuff during my more open-minded days. I don't like muscles or superhero fandom, but I can respect good anime.
LOOKING FOR: I would prefer friends with good taste in music, or who like to play video games. Intellectualism is a plus. Also, I'm not too fond of capitalism, and I don't like weird stuff like furries.

1. I make short posts. That's because not much happens to me and also because I want to be readable. 

2. I'm mentally ill. Currently, I'm on medication for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and (duh) depression. I hope that doesn't stop you from adding me as a friend!

Thank you!


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