commie_gardener (commie_gardener) wrote in add_me,

What's for Christmas but THE PRESENT?

As we leave the holiday season, perhaps you'd like to know about a community which really needs a boost: christmas_365.

It's a place to keep Christmas in your heart, words and actions, all year long.  Not a place for divisive politics, meanness, smart-assery, or such.  Just a place to mention nice things that happened to you; nice articles; nice events; nice music; nice photos, etc.  If you feel OK about being damned to hell for all eternity, then you need not join this community.

Also for atheists, btw, since science has proved that they tend to be the most moral of all.  And who else would walk in the light all year 'round, if not people who are real, natural and human?

Whatever your stripe, add your voice to our emerging anarchistic candy cane!

More communities:

w_a_r_m_i_n_g - address and discuss climate change!
o_c_c_u_p_y - wealth inequality and injustice
crisis_911 - emergencies - and help!
indie_lifestyle - being indie and being independent!
liberal_plus - liberalism for the marginal left and right
brds_and_fishes - invasive species and weird extinction events!


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