binghescucumber (binghescucumber) wrote in add_me,

Old LJ user returning maybe?

Hello everyone, I used to use LJ way back in the day (different username)! I primarily returned and made this LJ to write/post fanfics pseudo privately but haven't done that (yet) so instead I've decided to try and reach out here once more.

I'm Dee, I'm a thirty-two year old girl who is an aspiring writer, currently stuck in a job that I'm not too happy with, but that's life sometimes haha. I'm also a cat mom and have recently been diagnosed with anxiety/depression(finally getting treatment) I'm looking for friends who are at least 25+. Nothing against anyone younger than that, but I feel as I get older I want older friends ^^- I'm mostly looking for friends who would be down for casual convos every now and again with similar interests.

Speaking of interests, my interests are -
anime/manga, bl visual novels, critical role, danmei (mxtx novels, erha), romance novels, and writing.

I'm also a furry, so if someone who happens to share some of my interest is also in the furry fandom that would be a huge plus, but not a requirement.

Right now I'm more active on twitter, but if I start making friends on here, I'll probably get more active on here too.
(Main Twitter: dee_cherrywolf
Furry Twitter: palmtop_leopard)

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