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A Lovely Experience Part 1

This story between "E"( substitution to actually name) and I started when I was 15 years old. She was 16, at the time. She was dating an old friend (call him Dennis) of mine, at the time. The first time I saw her was a few months prior to our first meet. She was on a picture sitting on a dresser in my friend's room. Which; at the time, I thought was weird. He even had it in a special frame; too much for me. My first impression of her was average, nothing special. She was an average Jane in my book. As time passed and I started spending more time with Dennis, the more constant phone fights I kept hearing from them. They were long distance, and they hardly saw each other. Dennis was a character to say the least, and I thought they weren't a good fit. Still, I never said anything about it.

Now, I remember, he would brag about her. He would add he would marry her one day. He was 16, tempermental, abusive to his mother (even in front of company), and very perverted; enough said there. Always, I simply replied," whatever, dude..."and I continue playing video games with him. One day, he asked me to walk home with him and hang out. His mom would give me a lift home afterwards. I agreed, and without knowing (basically forced because I did not want to be rude, since I was a guest) he asked me to go to his girlfriend's brother's home to return a CD. When she would visit, she would stay at her brother's place. Again, I agreed, but reluctantly. I did not say much on the way, thinking it would be a quick drop, kiss, hug, and leave deal, but it wasn't. 

We arrived, and she was sitting outside the house waiting for him. She was even less appealing to me in person. Dennis went straight forward towards her. He hugged and kissed her, not much there. Almost immediately, the front door opened and her brother came outside waving hime to come inside. I was leaning by the car, waiting for general hello and good bye. I almost laughed as her brother firmed grasped his hand (handshake). A slight look of pain ran through Dennis's face. Realizing this, I walked forward towards her brother. I readied myself, and firmly grasped the handshake. I said, " Good evening, Mr. DLR. My name is Francisco Nava. I am a friend of Dennis. Thank you for expecting us." My father had taught me well. He smiled, then turned to Dennis. With a stern look, he pushed him inside disgusted as a shoulder pat. He smiled again at me, and he told me to keep his sistet company. This was forever marked one of the most awkward moments in my life. She looked a bit upset at me. Not realizing, I walked past ignoring her completely. 

Strange how something so minute and unexpected can change your whole life


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