just another face in the crowd (nameless4fame) wrote in add_me,
just another face in the crowd

Hi, my name is Cat and I am from New Jersey. I am 35 years young and am a married stay at home mom of 2 of the most adorable boys ever. I also have 2 dogs.
I've had LJ since 2003 but recently have rediscovered it, sort of.
I like posting pictures of my kids because I spend all day with them.
When I'm not watching Muppet Babies or singing Baby Shark I like to listen to Mest, Hanson, Good Charlotte, and sometimes whatever is on the radio. I love Grey's Anatomy, even though it should have ended 3 seasons ago. I am loving that Supernanny is back on tv. Impractical Jokers is a great show also.
I use to love going to concerts, but I havn't been to one in so many years, I actually can't remember the last concert I went to.
Let's see, people ask me what I do in my spare time, but having a 5 year old and a 2 year old doesn't leave me with any spare time, until they fall asleep, which is normally when I get to go online and catch up on my tv shows.
I am a big family person. Family is everything, I know what it is to not have your family and I will never let that happen again.

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