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esurfacing like the rest of yoos

Hi ya! Yeah, you... the one sitting there reminiscing about the good old days of Social Networking. Back when you had a social life and the fledgeling world of new instant friends and reconnections was the icing to your cake. I am like you. Back when I started my journal... oh 2006 or so, I forged out my little fraction of the live journal community and I truly formed lasting bonds with those I connected with. Then the great (not so great really) exodus when Facebook emerged and had this unv=canny ability o reconnect you with long lost friends or lovers or estranged family... And it offered a new canvas of people from all over the world and online you were totally Popular right? It felt that way. 

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So how long has it been now since you have felt that? I have begun to realize that having been conditioned to instant connection haad an unforeseen consequence of pulling the plugs that kept me interested and invested in going out into the real world and making friends the old fashioned way by striking up a conversation with the beautiful stranger who had caught you eye... Does this happen as often anymore? I don't think I am unique or crazy. My cell phone stole my social network and replaced it with a virtual one. I went to Facebook originally when It became apparent that my friends' network in LiveJournal was dwindling. No one was writing anymore. They were now casting meme spells in their virtual world where their success or failure as a human was contingent on how many likes you got for a post. It happened like this with me. I suspect you can identify... Hey, we now have common ground upon where we can forge lay down our building blocks build a foundation for our new friendship! 

I have visited the add me page befoe and asked for new friends. Once or twice I was truly excited about the people who added me. But it takes the dedication and discipline to journal again. So your new friends can get to know you. So here it is. I am posting this and I have every intention of getting back into the habit of journaling again ... not only that... I will read what you write and I will offer words of compassion, encouragement, or go "Feck Yeah, Yoos!! Way to do that what ya did when ya did it to make the thingy happen!!! Hella been rootin' for yeh!!" 

Sound good? Does to me! I am a 49-year-old pagan with great interest in esotericism, paranormal activity, and firm belief and moderate practice of magick...And I am three years (about) out of being engaged to a girl 14 years younger and for the most part, it has been liberating. But I lack companionship and I haven't had Alison inspiring me to do something creative like writing in addition to art and music. I am returning to Live Journal for a few different reasons... To regain a sense of actually having new friends... to get out of my head and journal again about what's going on with me these days... and most importantly... to get back into the habit of spending an hour or so a day writing... because I think I have finally struck upon what it is I will write about when I finally begin writing my book. I need to already be in the habit of writing daily. 

I have great need of a muse, by the way.  Look at me... too adorable, right? Same goes for you. Look forward to us being friends!!


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