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Hi friends! I'm another one of those "I had livejournal years ago, but here's a new account" people. My life has changed so much since "those days." It's hard to write about myself, so here I go!

My name is Stephanie, I'm 30, and my wife and I live in good ol' Florida with our dog. I love playing video games like Minecraft, Sims, Elder Scrolls, Terarria, Stardew Valley... just to name a few. I stream on Twitch a couple times a week, and I watch youtube religiously. 

I practice eclectic witchcraft, but I get if that weirds you out. No, I will not hex you ;) 

I'd consider myself a crafty person, I like making things. I also love gardening, drawng, reading, and being out in nature. I love tea, coffee, blogging, and cooking. I work in education, and I teach colorguard at multiple schools. I'm pro-do-whatever-you-want, and I mindlessly scroll through memes way too often for it to be a healthy coping mechanism. I rejoined LJ so I could write about musings. Yeah I have my written journal, which I love, but I also love connecting with people! Lets be friends <3

I guarentee there's a thousand more things I like.... I hobby hop like its my job. 


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