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Social distancing, social media.

I've been on LJ since 2004, and have been an Oregon resident for most of that time (with a hiatus of a few years living in San Francisco). I lived in Portland until a couple of years ago, and am now living in Hillsboro. I work in IT and am planning to get back to school to finish a degree in mathematics and computer science.

I'm Jewish, American, male, 55+, and enjoying life. I've served 10 years in two branches of the military (USAF and USMC) and enjoy traveling to new places. In recent years I've visited Israel (twice), Kenya, Uganda, and Iraqi Kurdistan (Erbil and Sulemania). My interests include mathematics, science, language, literature, and current events.

My journal typically runs from daily life to books to science to current events. I don't usually post about politics but do so occasionally. My own politics tend conservative (I'm a Republican and a supporter of 45) but I'm open-minded about other people's beliefs.

Feel free to add me if you're so inclined.

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