27times27 wrote in add_me

You know the drill

You know why I'm here. Looking for buddies. 

I used LJ long ago, as many of us have. I am back. I have one post that you can view at your leisure and make some snap judgments on if you'd like to have me in your life. I'd like to make some judgments about you, too, so if you want to be friends just let me know a little about yourself. 

Many of the things I did can't be done anymore. I used to rock climb a lot. I used to hike and sleep outside. I would dress up for Renaissance Festivals and make a nuisance of myself. I danced at concerts. I used to go to gyms and museums and ride my bike to yoga class. Those things will happen again someday. But for now I am working from home, reading books and playing video games. I talk to my cats and make them little cat houses. I ride my bike down the street and back to my garage. I lift weights in the basement and watch yoga on YouTube. I watch Critical Role and silently watch online DnD groups hoping one day I will be brave enough to join an online campaign. I am nothing too special. 

The unpleasant legal jargan: I am a liberal and would prefer to company of like minded individuals. I am childree living the DINK life in the US of A. 


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