lapisspider wrote in add_me

Friends feed looking a bit sparse so...

I can't imagine I post anything terribly interesting, but the friends list is low.  I restarted and most people from my old one pretty much bailed LJ and didn't follow to the new one.  And then I think, based off reviewing my previous posts, I may have had a slight breakdown and quit LJ as well.  It happens.  

I guess stats are: 37.  Wisconsin.  Mom.  Got kids.  Like books, caffeine, Doctor Who, Supernatural, researching and getting into really random things. Trying my hand at homeschooling.  No career.  Divorced, widowed, single cuz yea life's crazy. 

I will probably post a mix of venting and my random adventures into whatever is preoccupying my mind currently.  I can't promise consistent posting.


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