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*Insert unoriginal title here*

Hey there! I'm Mal. I haven't been on LiveJournal in years — just started this new account. Kinda got sick of all the political shit on Facebook and decided to run away from it. 

I'm 33 (not really sure how that happened? I feel 19?), two kiddos, recently divorced...I'm a copy editor, though I never edit my own writing. Expect mistakes. (If I'm not getting paid to edit, I tend to give zero fucks)

On that note — I swear. Frequently. Sorry. I'm an atheist, but I don't judge others for their beliefs. I am pretty liberal...but as I came here to escape politics, I probably wont go off on any political diatribes, so don't worry. As long as you aren't a racist, we'll be fine!

I'll read your entries — and tend to be fairly interactive in the comment section. I'm not an asshole. 


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