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New journal again. ^^;

My name is Kimi. I'm on the very high functioning end of the autistic spectrum, and to be fair... my autism is what makes me well... me! I also have ADHD and severe anxiety. I adore Piers from Pokemon SwSh at this moment. I love to write, and I absolutely love music because it's helped me in many ways. Some of my favorite bands are All Time Low, Simple Plan, Gotcharocka... and others I can't think of. ;w; Hm... Oh! I do love to watch preschool shows, preferably ones on Disney Junior. One of my most favorite DJ shows at this time is PJ Masks! If you want to know more, feel free to ask more stuff because I'm really bad at these things. XD

I'm currently in the process of also moving back to Maine from Arizona, and I'm super excited because I'm Maine-born and mostly raised. :D

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