ladyminya wrote in add_me

Trying to get back into this thing.

Hello fellow LJers! 

It's been a long time since I have been active on this website. I joined originally back in 2002 and used to be a frequent blogger. I lost touch with LJ once the big changes occurred, but I am looking to come back as I miss the platform, the fandoms, and connecting with people. From what I can tell, LJ looks to be really quiet? I am hoping this is not the case, so I thought I would reach out and see if I could find some active people to make friends with. :) 

A little bit about me: 

  1. 30-something years old. 
  2. Living in Perth, Western Australia. 
  3. Studying Psychology & Counselling part-time online.
  4. Working part-time for the Department of Transport. 
  5. I have three cats and two budgies. 
  6. I love fandoms (Harry Potter, LotR, SPN, Marvel etc). 
  7. I worked in a book store for 10 years and love reading! :) 
  8. I live on my own, and the majority of my family live in another state.
  9. I'm pretty laid-back and friendly, and like to get to know people. 
  10. I'm usually pretty happy to talk about most subjects, so hit me up! :)


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