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I forgot I had this account until this morning I got a random email that someone liked one of my posts about fuzzy socks. I had deleted my other LJ accounts (one of which I had since 2009)

I stupidly thought I could make friends in an autism mom group on FB. I even paid the $5/mo to be in it just to get ignored. FB really can make me feel shitty about myself. 

So I was happy I found this account and want to give LJ a serious try again. Below is about me:

I'm a (almost 38 yr old) wife and mother to a child (7) on the autism spectrum. I also take care of my grandma who has colon cancer. 

My hobbies/interest:

Crochet, reading (mostly SciFy and horror (Stephen King), watching movies, cooking and watching paranormal/true crime stuff on YouTube. 

Things I post about:

Life stuff, books I'm reading, crochet projects, other stuff I may find interesting. 

It's always awkward to talk about myself LOL 

I pretty much get along with everyone, feel free to tell me a bit about yourself as well. 


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