*~ Katy ~* (webgirluk) wrote in add_me,
*~ Katy ~*

New LJ friends

Hello. I'm looking for some new LJ friends who would be interested in a two way interactive life share and help keep this community living on. I like to build up real friendships through my LJ friends, too where possible.

Here's a few things about me ...

* I'm a 40 something female from the UK.
* I am single/never married and don't have any children although am in a sort of complex relationship with a guy from the USA.
* I work in education supporting an autistic child.
* I'm an introverted, homebody who loves to potter about at home getting lost in a creative project or good music/shows/TV/movies/books or webpage.
* I am young at heart and feel a lot younger than I am in mind and lifestyle.
* I'm an internet geek, writer, thinker, dreamer and have presented the odd radio show here and there.
* I love to laugh and make others laugh.
* I'm curious by nature. I love to ask questions and share stories.
If you think we might get along then shoot me an add. We don't necessarily have to have the same commonalities but the similar value of being interested in a two way comment share (regular interaction) and learning about one another, being seen and seeing another is important to me.

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