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I am the person who will destroy China.

Add another hole in the wall.

So, it turns out I'm a real jerk, I guess. I get really frustrated about what is happening in the world, these days. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I get really frustrated that I'm not getting to live any kind of life. I was once a multi-talented superstar. I gave all that to pursue the search for truth, the meaning of time and consciousness. And then along comes CFS, and I can barely even think, most of the time. Ironic, wouldn't you say? I have also had too much to drink. When drunk combines with a CFS migraine, I can be a terror. So, I am really sorry to anyone I might have hurt. I'm not drinking so much anymore. But I am still frustrated.

The point of this is that I am not looking for friends here. I don't think friends happen here, at least for me. If you want to be my friend on LJ, you're really going to have to be a solid, special person. LJ has evapourated down to a small pond, and I keep seeing the same people over and over again, and I don't expect anything wonderful to happen in my life because of this place. However:

I really do appreciate anyone who reads me. My journal has evolved from a sophomoric playground to a treatise on the universe, politics, economics. I really, honestly do feel a need to do as much as I can before I become organic kale. I live for the rare days when I can express my philosophy in detail. But, in between those days, I write about politics, movies, music, psychology, anthropology, just about everything. And I am extremely funny. So, anyone who would honour me with subscribing? That's really all the friendship I need! Oh, yeah, baby. If you friends-up, that's pretty daring, and you will get to read more of the personal stuff.

About politics. I am in no way a republican or a racist. I've been a progressive populist since like the womb days. I have written and marched extensively for progressive causes. I supported Bernie Sanders twice. Free thinker that I am, I am completely opposed to what the Democrats are doing today. It may look and feel good, but, in the long run, they are selling us out to China and hedge fund raiders. I think the Democrat Party has become a power-obsessed cult. I think the woke supremacist movement is a big mistake. Goodbye multiculturalism, hello anti-culture. These poor delusionals are sending us backwards into colonial slavery. I always thought it would be the Republicans who would usher in our collapse, but, no, it is the Democrats.

I also have the main OCCUPY community on LJ; and a community about digital privacy and such; a community for indie lifestyle; ummmm, a COVID community; a global health community; a true liberal community; THE LJ climate change community, and more.

Let me just end by saying that I am person in poverty, limping along, just trying to think. I have a lot of important ideas, and I am just trying to write them out, when I can. I keep getting attacked by neighbours, mainly for being white and alone. People look at me and see lazy. I have a really bad chronic illness. CFS has had the top suicide rate for any chronic illness. So, I kinda consider it a big accomplishment that I am still alive. Whatever. I am mainly looking for readers. Yup.

My dog:


my dogs - (& see animals - dogs)

my cfs - (& see health - cfs...)

all * entropism

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nether people


environ - climate change/ global warming

all * consciousness

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sanders - bernie sanders

Note that these are listed by total number of posts.  If you merely subscribe, then you won't get so much of the personal stuff.  Although, I often do use personal stuff to make a public point.  Pretty much nobody gets into "softcore" these days.

Review may tags for musical interests, animals, movies, special series, cooking, and everything.  TAGS.

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