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Body is in England, Mind is across the globe.

Hello all, I have been a member of LJ on and off since 2008. In 2014 I went to paper journals, but I'm finding it hard to find time to keep it up. Let's face it, typing is much quicker right?

I'm 28, I'm from England. I've suffered with mental health since I was 13 and I'm no stranger to what that entails. I've been through the motions of attempting suicide and picking myself back up again. I have been on many self help and self love journeys, so if anyone is looking for a friend who can relate to them in this aspect, or needs an ear, I can be it.

I am interested in books, films, video games, tv shows, photoshop, travelling and charity giving. I spend most of my time at work or traveling to Wales to see my partner. A lot of my journal entries are icon posts from a few years ago, but I am recently getting back into writing in it again. My entries will probably be very raw and honest. For example, my latest post is about female anatomy.

Anyway, if anyone is interested please drop a comment or add me, because I'd love to start forming some real online relationships.


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