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Is there life out there?

So, nostalgia (and, if we are being honest, probably a bit of breakthrough Covid delirium) has gotten the better of me and I decided to come back to LJ after 15 years. I was a teenager the last time and I am 30 now.

Honestly, not too much has changed about me. I am technically older, supposedly wiser, and I've relocated a few times but I still pretty much feel like the same person. People like to tell me it is because I am still single and childless. Apparently once I become a mother, I'll unlock "full womanhood" status but I call phooey on that part. :)

Anyway, I am a small town girl with small town ambition. I'm not a total idiot (graduated 2nd in my high school class, still my greatest achievement to date lmao) but that's all I've got going for me. I'm content to be able to feed myself, my pets, and afford a comfortable bed to sleep in at night. Anything else is just unnecessary stress, I've learned. It sucks when it feels like your stuff owns you and I got out of that habit real quick.

I will probably post about my daily life with my fur babies, my attempts to feed myself working from home, and the occasional adventures I take outside in order to maintain sanity. Sometimes I might post things that make me laugh or entertain me.

Basically if you're a real person here and are posting real things, I wouldn't mind knowing you. Care to be friends?


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