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Happy Almost Halloween

Hello all, I am Ruthie, I am 45, I have been on LiveJournal since around 2004 but I've come and gone and used a few different handles. I changed accounts when I felt it was time to retire my old handle. I have recently changed again thus the lack of posts. Please don't let that put you off.
I am English, I live in England and work in retail.
My hobbies include art, fan fiction writing, photography, creating icons and wallpapers etc, in photoshop, reading, comics, and the MCU.
I recently transitioned to using Clip Paint Studio as the platform for digital artwork. I love creating fan art and since I have only been drawing for less than 3 years (I've had a few breaks due to my own lack of confidence) I am still learning and have a ways to go.
I hope that I can meet some friends here with similar interests. I love reading other peoples journals. I have a self-deprecating and dry sense of humour. I am a pretty easy-going person but have strong views in certain areas. I am not a dweller of politics unless something riles me up.
I tend to post about my daily affairs, and interests and sometimes post my artwork and fics, (or I will be doing, when I have written some new ones)
I don't have any pets right now as I recently had to have my dog put down due to her being old.
I am married and celebrated my 24th anniversary last September.
That's all I can think right now to write about me lol. I'm a pretty transparent person, though if I don't want anyone to know something, I simply don't post about it, instead of going to the trouble of hiding it lol.

Anyhoo... please add me if you want! Thank you!


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