ontheroad2human wrote in add_me

Hi, I'm Amber

I'm a stay-at-home mom and full-time grad student with 2 older kiddos and the beginnings of a zoo. I'm 39 and would love to have some friends from any walk of life to share experiences with. I have many hobbies. I love movies, outdoor activities, a few cocktails here and there, cooking etc. I'm not much for a lot of drama. I leave that to television. The same goes for politics. 

Most of my current journal is me-only/friends only. I'm happy to add you so you can see entries moving forward. This is a third return to LJ from my early college days in 2001-2005 ish. I was an early adopter. :) LJ has made a lot of difference in my life. I'm happy it has been here for me. 


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