September 20th, 2008

gettt it

new around here

i used to have an lj, and then deleted it with the rise of myspace.
but i decided to come back. at first it was about the icons on here that i love lol.
buuut i guess i kind of miss lj!

about me:
my name's alli.
born and raised in california.
love reading, going to school & making money.
i will be 20 on november 26th 2008.
i'm taken & waiting for my bf to get home from his last deployment.
i hate the united states marine corps.
i'm blunt, i cuss a lot, i talk too much, & listen way more
i hate arguing but am really good at making people feel like morons.

i love chicken :]

add me if you'd like.


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Hi! I have been off of livejournal for the longest time & decided to come back and start using it again. However I found that most of my livejournal friends did the same..but didnt want to come back yet.

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Dont add me if you never comment(im not asking for people to comment every entry..because i dont do that either, but letting me know you read is nice)

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why hello there livejournalland!

please distract me from my boredom.
im 15 from a tumbleweed town outside of buffalo.
people tell me im adorable!
im obsessed with anything that has to do with craig owens really.
i love any kind of music, but my mom sweeped my computer clean and deleted all of my 5000 songs. :'[ smed me some of your jams =]
i bet we'll have something in commom, unless is poppunk then fail @ you
i have internet ADHD and i cant do too many things at once
IM me, i'd like to get to know you.
ask me if you want to know anymore, im losing my attention to this.
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I'm eric. :)
I really like parties, I sleep in school, I get good grades, I run hurdles for track although I'd like to long jump, maybe high jump, and still do hurdles hahaha

I like to give advice and receive advice no matter what it's about.
I also love the joker.

Senior in Years

I am returning to LJ, as I kinda miss the blog - and therefore looking forward to making new LJ friends along the way.

I am senior in years and live on a wee Scottish Isle - and enjoy both writing poetry and when ever possible taking photo's to enhance my poetry.

If you like reading poetry - please feel free to 'add me' - as most of my blog shall be of poetry and dare I say it - philosophical -

Looking forward to becoming a daily poster and I always try to leave comments on my LJ friends blogs too.
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My name is Meagan. I'm 17 and currently reside in Toronto, Canada. I'm a senior in High School. After I finish high school I was thinking of studying Criminology in University. I'm looking for new friends because I love meeting new people. I tend to post erratically and at random at most times.  I check my livejournal at least once or twice a day if not more. So a little about me.

Movies I like:
 Aliens, Summer School, Hairspray, The Matrix, The Karate Kid, Gone in Sixty Seconds,
The Gift, She's the Man, RENT, The Mod Squad, Laws of Attraction

Music I like:
Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Metro Station, Panic at the Disco, The Veronicas,

Tv Shows I like:
House MD, NCIS, CSI, Flashpoint, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice,
Doctor Who, Torchwood, Hell's Kitchen, Little Britian, BTVS

Five Random Things About Me:
1. I have a list of things that I must accomplish each month. (my list is very strange at times)
2. I have to be on the computer each day for at least 3 hours to complete my day
3. I have a bad knee from all the sports and injuries I've had over the years
4. I ♥ hockey and Basketball the most
5. I spend most of my weekends on Livejournal and Youtube.

Add Me? :)

Little Miss Sunshine

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My name is Massie
I'm 21.
I have firey red hair and dangerous blue eyes.
It matches my personality to a tee.
I'm loud and crazy and out there, but I have a big heart, and I really try to love everybody.
If my personality doesn't scare the hell out of you, then my big bug eyes will :D

I love making new friends. I write in my journal about whats going on with myself, and I have a pretty cool life ;) I post a TON of pictures and videos of me and whoever I'm with just being ourselves. I try to be the best commenter I can, and I ALWAYS read. I like to know what my friends are up to.

I am Jewish, Republican, and Vegetarian.
But please don't let my beliefs influence your opinion of me. I don't care if you're Athiest, Liberal, and a Carnivore. I've heard all the Bush and McCain rants in the world, I'm not offended :)

I love my family and my boyfriend. I'm not engaged yet, but we're working toward it!! I also LOVELOVELOVE fashion, the color orange, rubber ducks, music, and going out.
Oh, and I might drinkandpoppillsandsmoke too.

I'm a fun person, so give me a chance :)

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Hi there,

I'm looking for some new journals to read as none of my friends update really!
I only comment when I have something to say and I don't expect anyone else to comment on mine unless the same applies!

Anyway, some things about my journal;

-I write about day-to-day life stuff that I'd like to look back on in the future
-I tend to muse about strange and random things sometimes
-I work in a pharmacy
-I love fashion
-I love make up and I'm an aspiring make up artist
-I talk openly about anything that goes on in my life, sex, drugs and rock and roll included! Haha.

Please leave me a comment on my journal, anything you wanna tell me about you is fine too =)

Honeydewdrops, Friends ♥

Hey there! :) I'm Danielle, 15
I'm still a student, who doesn't really like studying.

I'm not too good with introductions, oh well

here's from my userinfo profile actually :)

Anything but Ordinary


I live my life compulsively, following whatever impulses my heart lead me to. I wander away from the well-traveled paths and take leaps of faith into the realm of not just the unknown, but the almost inevitable failure. Logic points my in the right direction but just before I take my first step onto that path of success, my heart whispers in my ear that there's a beautiful back road that logic is overlooking. I often get lost, I will get so caught up in the sheer beauty of the world around me that I forget where my destination is. The world will snicker and wonder how I could be so stupid as to wander off into the wilderness but I can hardly hear them. I throw tantrums when things don't go my way; I whisper secrets with my best friends in the dark; I look for comfort in familiar grounds; and I hope against all logic and experience that everything is going to be okay. I often imagine myself living in a fairytale, with white castles and hidden tree houses for company. Of course, I would often picture myself being swept away by prince charming. I appreciate people and adore the beautiful things in the world I want to capture every single moment of my life; they are so precious, yet so fragile that I’m afraid they will shatter. I do have trust issues. I'm often afraid that people might find out who I am before I figure it out myself and therefore I often hide behind my masquerade. Don’t be mistaken, I build up walls not to keep people away; but to see who cares enough to tear those walls down.

My Cup of Tea
I’m fascinated by Love, so beautiful yet so complicated. I really hope one day, I'll find true love. I love dancing; I can express myself so well through the beautiful melody and beats of the music. Dance makes me feel alive; it makes my heart smile. I am enthralled by photography and beautiful words. I love music and the lyrics that make them. Art and fashion is my vice, I absolutely love to shop. Starbucks and Chocolates make me melt. I would really love to learn baking, guitar and tennis. I love to be around people, to be the life of the party. However, I love my alone time too, to think and unwind.

Fangirl is my middle name
Harry Potter, Twilight, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Heroes, Pushing Daisies,Lost, House, Ghost Whisperer, 90210, The O.C., 24, Desperate Housewives, SYTYCD, ANTM, The Notebook, Narnia, The Dark Knight, Music And Lyrics, The Devil Wears Prada, Pride and Prejudice, A Walk To Remember, Step Up, The Holiday, John Tucker Must Die, What Happens in Vegas, Chocolat, Titanic, No Reservations, Bring It On, High School Musical, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, Love Actually

My Music
Basically anything that is Indie, Acoustic or Alternative;
One Republic, Keane, Lifehouse, Coldplay, Travis, Boys Like Girls, Boyz II Men, Kings Of Convenience, U2, Secondhand Serenade, Maroon 5, Daughtry, Death Cab For Cutie, The Goo Goo Dolls, Backstreet Boys, Jack's Mannequin, Five For Fighting, Scouting For Girls, Panic At The Disco, The All-American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, The Beatles, The Honorary Title, John Mayer, Josh Groban, Jesse McCartney, Jason Mraz, James Blunt, Chris Brown, Usher, KT Tunstall, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks

profile codes >> profile pattern >> journal layout

I would love to make new friends, so go on and add me, if you want :) 

New Friends?

Well whats to know.  I've been here before a long time ago and I thought I'd post again see what kind of people are out there

About me: I'm a dirt-poor, kind of bitchy, opionated, bisexual, leftist liberal, crazy, 20 year old girl.   I'm on a hiatus from my favorite social activity-getting high. I live with my family, they drive me nuts. 
I'm also the nicest person you'll ever meet, and inspire to save the world, want to go back to school and become a UN ambassador one day, I'd settle for something less ambitious, but you get my drift, I want to make a difference in the world.

People call me a hippie, I call myself an individual.
No one on my LJ is someone I know in person, and I believe this lets people leave unbiased opinions and it allows me to say whatever the fuck I want.

I like to swear.

I like to comment, I update regularly but there are times where I may go a week without looking at this website.

I want friends who comment, trust me I always return the favor.

I love people, I believe in helping, I am an environment activist, I am passionate about music and writing.

My journal is a typical girls, I talk about things going on in my life, books I'm reading, my opinions on what the world is like, boys, drama, friends.

It CAN get a little shallow, sometimes I don't like to talk about things that are really bothering me, sometimes I just want to rant and I have no where else to do it.  I like to get things off my chest...bite me.

I think I'm interesting, you may differ, but if you want to be apart of insane little world... go to my page and comment on the friends only entry.

If not you have no idea what your missing.
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add mee

Hello my name is Amy and im 24 yrs old from minnesota. im a pretty cool person once you get to know me (: I like too read peoples journals and comment when I if your interested in making a new friend add me!

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naomi. 17. A2 college student in english, media & photography. from north england. star sign: cancer.
& i'm in love with the one who makes my heart tumble.
add me & comment my friends only post if you want to see my project 365 where i post a photo for each day :)